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About us

Defra’s e-Sustainability Alliance (DeSA) was founded in 2018. We seek to promote, collect, share and implement best practice aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Defra’s 25 Year Environment Plan.

We’ve created an industry guide which offers best practice advice on sustainability in information and communication technology (ICT), as well as a range of other projects.

Who we are

We are now a collaborative working group from Defra’s ICT supply chain working in partnership with the United Nations, Responsible Business Alliance and other organisations, with members varying from small to multinational global firms.

Please contact Mattie Yeta - to discuss joining the group.

About our blog

This blog is designed to complement our industry guide, by offering a place to bring real case studies and invite discussion and questions about our work.

Who this blog is for

Our guide and this blog is aimed at all manufacturers of ICT and components, as well as users, disposers and recyclers, for businesses of all sizes and any industry or location worldwide.